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Wedding Suits made to measure

Stylish Mens Wedding Suits for Every Groom

  • Our collection of wedding suits offers a wide range of styles, including classic and contemporary options.

  • We have suits made from different fabrics such as linen, tweed, and wool, perfect for different seasons and wedding themes.

  • Decoding suit colors for weddings is essential, and we have classic black and blue suits as well as trending colors like Prince of Wales and tweed.

  • Essential suit elements like the jacket, trousers, and cufflinks can be personalized to suit your style.

  • We provide tips on choosing the right fit for your wedding suit and important details to consider, such as peaky blinders and bow ties.

  • Matching ties and pocket squares with your suit can add a stylish touch, while contrasting options can create a bold look.

  • We highlight the top fabrics for men's wedding suits, including linen, tweed, and wool.

  • Personalizing your wedding suit with monogramming and custom details can make it unique and special for your big day.

  • We offer advice on selecting the perfect groom's wedding suit and coordinating suits for the groomsmen.

  • Wedding suits for guests should strike a balance between style and comfort, and we provide tips on understanding dress codes and finding the right attire.

  • Setting a budget for your wedding suit is important, and we offer guidance on finding quality options within your budget.

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Special Offer * Special Offer *

(Three Piece or Double breasted)

Groom & Groomsman Package
3 Made to Measure Suits

3 Premium Shirts


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