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Stylish Mens Wedding Suits for Every Groom

Updated: May 16


Weddings are a special occasion that calls for stylish and dapper attire, especially for the groom. A well-fitted and stylish wedding suit can elevate a groom's look, making him stand out on his big day. At He Wears it Well, we understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding suit, which is why we offer a collection of stylish mens wedding suits to suit every groom's taste and preference.

Exploring Wedding Suit Styles

When it comes to wedding suits, there is a wide range of styles to choose from. From classic to contemporary, our collection has something for every groom. Whether you prefer a slim fit suit or a more traditional cut, we have options that will suit your style and body type. Our range of wedding suits ensures that you will find the perfect suit for your big day.

Classic vs Contemporary Styles

Classic styles such as slim fit suits and navy tuxedos never go out of fashion. These timeless choices offer a sophisticated and elegant look for grooms. A slim fit suit accentuates the groom's physique, while a navy tuxedo adds a touch of formality and refinement. For those looking for a more contemporary style, we also offer a range of modern suits in different colours and cuts. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, our collection has the perfect wedding suit to suit your style.

Seasonal Suit Styles

Choosing the right fabric for your wedding suit is essential, especially when considering the season of your wedding. We offer a range of seasonal suit styles to ensure that you stay comfortable and stylish on your special day.

  • Linen suits: Perfect for summer weddings, linen suits are lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool in the heat.

  • Tweed suits: Ideal for cooler seasons, tweed suits offer warmth and a classic, vintage look.

  • Wool suits: Versatile and suitable for all seasons, wool suits provide both comfort and style.

Decoding Suit Colours for Weddings

Choosing the right colour for your wedding suit can make a significant impact on your overall look. Classic colours like black and blue are always popular choices for weddings. A black suit exudes elegance and sophistication, while a blue suit adds a touch of style and versatility. Charcoal is another timeless colour that offers a sophisticated and modern look. By decoding suit colours, you can find the perfect shade to match your wedding theme and personal style.

Classic Black and Blue Suits

Classic black and blue suits are staples in every groom's wardrobe. A blue suit, whether in a navy or lighter shade, offers a versatile and stylish option for weddings. It can be paired with a crisp white shirt for a timeless look or dressed up with a patterned tie for a touch of personality. On the other hand, a black suit exudes elegance and formality, making it a popular choice for more formal weddings. Pair it with a white shirt and a black bow tie for a classic and sophisticated look.

Trending Colours in Wedding Suits

For grooms looking to make a statement on their wedding day, trending colours in wedding suits offer a unique and modern choice. The Prince of Wales pattern, known for its checkered design, adds a touch of sophistication and style to any wedding suit. Tweed suits, with their textured fabric and vintage charm, are also gaining popularity for their rustic and timeless appeal. These trending colours and patterns provide a fresh and fashionable alternative to traditional wedding suit colours.

Essential Suit Elements

A well-fitted suit is made up of several essential elements that come together to create a polished and stylish look. The suit jacket, trousers, and cufflinks are key components that should be chosen with care. The suit jacket should fit perfectly, with the shoulders aligning and the sleeves hitting just above the wrist. The trousers should have a tailored fit, with the length grazing the tops of the shoes. Cufflinks add a touch of personality and sophistication to the overall look.

The Right Fit

One of the most important aspects of a wedding suit is the fit. A well-fitted suit not only enhances the groom's appearance but also ensures comfort throughout the day. A slim fit suit offers a modern and tailored look, while still allowing for movement and comfort. When it comes to suit trousers, they should sit just above the hips and have a slight break at the shoes. The right fit will make the groom feel confident and stylish on his special day.

Important Details to Consider

Attention to detail can elevate a wedding suit and add a touch of individuality. Consider incorporating elements inspired by popular trends, such as the peaky blinders style with flat caps and waistcoats. A bow tie can add a touch of elegance and formality, while a regular tie provides a classic and timeless look. Pay attention to the cuff of the suit jacket, opting for either a single or double button cuff depending on personal preference. These small details can make a big impact on the overall look of the wedding suit.
Column Name A
Column Name B
Peaky Blinders Style
Flat caps, waistcoats, and textured fabrics
Bow Tie
Adds elegance and formality
Single or double button cuff for jacket
Choosing Ties and Pocket Squares

Choosing the right ties and pocket squares can add a stylish finishing touch to a wedding suit. A pocket square, folded neatly in the suit jacket pocket, adds a pop of colour and sophistication. It can be matched with the tie or stand out as a contrasting element. A bow tie, on the other hand, adds a touch of formality and elegance. These accessories allow the groom to express his personal style and add a unique touch to his wedding suit.

Matching Ties and Pocket Squares with Suits

When it comes to matching ties and pocket squares with suits, there are a few key principles to keep in mind. A pocket square should complement the suit and tie, rather than match them exactly. It can pick up on a colour from the tie or provide a contrasting shade. For a cohesive look, choose accessories that have a similar pattern or texture as the suit. By carefully selecting and coordinating these accessories, the groom can create a stylish and put-together look for his wedding day.

Contrasting Ties and Pocket Squares for a Bold Look

For grooms looking to make a bold statement, contrasting ties and pocket squares offer a stylish option. A brightly coloured or patterned pocket square can add a pop of colour and personality to a neutral suit. Pair it with a contrasting bow tie for a cohesive and eye-catching look. By playing with contrasting elements, grooms can create a unique and fashionable style that stands out on their wedding day.

Top Fabrics for Men’s Wedding Suits

Choosing the right fabric for a wedding suit is crucial for comfort and style. Our collection features top fabrics for men's wedding suits, including tweed, linen, and wool. A tweed suit offers a timeless and vintage look, perfect for rustic-themed weddings. Linen suits are lightweight and breathable, ideal for summer weddings. Wool suits are versatile and suitable for all seasons, providing both comfort and style. These top fabrics ensure that grooms look and feel their best on their wedding day.

Linen Suits for Summer Weddings

For grooms planning a summer wedding, linen suits are the perfect choice. Linen is a lightweight and breathable fabric that keeps the groom cool and comfortable in warm weather. Our collection of linen suits offers a range of colours and styles, from classic beige to bold blues and greens. A linen suit paired with a crisp white shirt and a colourful pocket square creates a fresh and stylish look for a summer wedding. These suits combine comfort and style, ensuring the groom looks his best on his special day.

Wool and Tweed Suits for Cooler Seasons

For cooler seasons, wool and tweed suits provide warmth and style. Wool suits are a versatile option, suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. They offer a classic and refined look, perfect for formal occasions. On the other hand, tweed suits exude a vintage and rustic charm, making them an excellent choice for autumn or winter weddings. These suits can be paired with a warm waistcoat and a patterned tie for a sophisticated and timeless look. Whether it's wool or tweed, these suits ensure that grooms stay stylish and comfortable in cooler weather.

Personalizing Your Wedding Suit

Personalizing your wedding suit is an excellent way to make it unique and special for your big day. Our collection offers options for monogramming, allowing you to add your initials or a special date to your suit. Additionally, you can choose custom details such as lapel styles, buttons, and linings to create a suit that reflects your personal style. Accessories like cufflinks, pocket squares, and waistcoats can further enhance the overall look. By personalizing your wedding suit, you can create a one-of-a-kind ensemble that truly reflects your personality and style.

Adding Personality with Accessories

Accessories play a significant role in adding personality and style to a wedding suit. Cufflinks are a classic accessory that can be customized with initials or unique designs, adding a personal touch to the suit. Other accessories like pocket squares, ties, and waistcoats can enhance the overall look and create a cohesive and stylish ensemble. A waistcoat, in particular, adds an extra layer of sophistication and can be worn with or without a suit jacket. By carefully selecting and coordinating accessories, grooms can express their individual style and make a statement on their wedding day.

Monogramming and Custom Details

Monogramming and custom details are a great way to personalise your wedding suit. Monogramming allows you to add your initials or a special date to your suit, creating a unique and meaningful touch. Custom details, such as lapel styles, buttons, and linings, allow you to create a suit that reflects your personal style and preferences. Whether it's a peak lapel, mother-of-pearl buttons, or a contrasting lining, these custom options can elevate your wedding suit and make it truly one-of-a-kind. By incorporating monogramming and custom details, you can create a wedding suit that is tailored to your individual style and becomes a cherished memento of your special day.

Groom’s Wedding Suits

The groom's wedding suit is an essential part of his big day. It should reflect his personal style and make him feel confident and special. Our collection offers a wide range of options for groom's wedding suits, from classic tuxedos to contemporary suits in various colours and cuts. Whether the groom prefers a traditional black tuxedo or a modern slim fit suit, we have the perfect option to suit his taste. Our attention to detail and craftsmanship ensure that the groom looks his best on his special day.

Selecting a Suit that Stands Out

On the wedding day, all eyes are on the groom. It's his moment to shine and be the man of the hour. Selecting a suit that stands out is an important decision. The groom should choose a suit that reflects his personal style and makes him feel confident and comfortable. Whether it's a classic black tuxedo or a bold-coloured suit, the perfect choice is one that makes the groom feel like the best version of himself. By selecting a suit that stands out, the groom will make a lasting impression and create memories that will be cherished forever.

Best Practices for Grooms

For grooms, their wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event that holds immense importance. To ensure everything goes smoothly, there are a few best practices that grooms can follow. Firstly, involve the best man or a trusted friend in the suit selection process for valuable opinions and support. Secondly, start shopping for the wedding suit well in advance to allow ample time for alterations or customizations. Lastly, remember that it's your special day, and your suit should make you feel confident and comfortable. By following these best practices, grooms can have a stress-free and enjoyable experience in preparing for their wedding day.

Wedding Suits for the Groomsmen

Coordinating wedding suits for the groomsmen is an important aspect of wedding planning. Our collection offers a wide selection of wedding suits that are perfect for groomsmen. Whether you prefer a classic black tuxedo or a more contemporary suit, we have options that will suit your wedding theme and style. Coordinating the suits ensures a cohesive and stylish look for the entire wedding party. By selecting wedding suits that complement the groom's attire, the groomsmen will feel confident and sophisticated on the special day.

Coordinating Groomsmen Suits with the Groom

Coordinating groomsmen suits with the groom's attire is essential for a unified and cohesive wedding party look. The groom's suit should serve as a starting point for the groomsmen's suits. Whether it's matching the colour, style, or fabric, the groom's suit should provide a guide for the overall look. This coordination ensures that the groom stands out while the groomsmen complement his attire. By selecting suits that align with the groom's overall vision and wedding theme, the groomsmen will create a harmonious and stylish look that enhances the wedding day.

Affordable Options for Groomsmen Suits

Finding affordable options for groomsmen suits is important, especially when considering the expenses associated with weddings. Our collection offers affordable suits that don't compromise on quality or style. From classic black tuxedos to modern suits in various colours, there are options to fit every budget. Additionally, popular retailers like Moss Bros offer affordable and stylish suits for groomsmen. By exploring these affordable options, grooms can ensure that their groomsmen look their best without breaking the bank.

Wedding Suits for Guests

Wedding guests also need to dress their best for the special day. Our collection offers a selection of wedding suits that are suitable for guests. Whether you're attending a formal wedding or a more casual affair, there are options to suit every dress code and style preference. From classic black suits to stylish navy options, our collection ensures that wedding guests can find the perfect suit to look their best and celebrate the happy couple in style.

Understanding the Dress Code

Understanding the dress code for a wedding is crucial in selecting the appropriate attire. Dress codes can range from formal black tie to more casual cocktail attire. By understanding the dress code specified by the couple, wedding guests can ensure that their suit choices align with the overall theme and formality of the event. It's important to follow the dress code to show respect to the couple and create a cohesive look among the wedding guests. By knowing the dress code, guests can make informed decisions and dress appropriately for the occasion.

Balance Between Style and Comfort

When selecting a wedding suit as a guest, it's essential to strike a balance between style and comfort. While it's important to look your best, it's equally important to feel comfortable throughout the event. Opt for suits made from breathable fabrics like cotton or linen for warmer weather, and consider looser fits for ease of movement. Choosing a suit that strikes the right balance between style and comfort ensures that you can enjoy the celebration without any discomfort. By prioritizing both style and comfort, wedding guests can create a look that is both fashionable and practical.

The Cost of Men's Wedding Suits

The cost of men's wedding suits can vary depending on various factors such as fabric, customization, and brand. Our collection offers a range of options to suit different budgets. Prices for wedding suits can start from as low as £500. It's important to set a budget and explore options within that range to find a suit that meets both style and financial requirements. By considering the cost of men's wedding suits, grooms and wedding guests can make informed decisions and find the perfect suit without overspending.

Setting a Budget for your Wedding Suit

Setting a budget for your wedding suit is an important aspect of wedding planning. By determining a budget, you can narrow down your options and focus on suits that are within your price range. It's important to strike a balance between budget and quality, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Remember that perfection doesn't always come with a high price tag. By setting a budget and exploring options within that range, you can find a wedding suit that meets your style preferences while staying within your budget.

Finding Quality within your Budget

Finding quality wedding suits within your budget is possible with the right approach. While luxury brands may come with higher price tags, there are affordable options that offer excellent quality and craftsmanship. By exploring brands that specialize in affordable yet stylish suits, you can find options that align with your budget and still provide the quality you desire. It's important to do your research, read reviews, and compare prices to ensure that you're getting the best value for your money. By finding quality within your budget, you can enjoy a stylish and well-fitted wedding suit without overspending.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect wedding suit is a significant decision for every groom. With a wide range of wedding suits, from classic to contemporary styles, a groom can find the perfect choice for the big day. Paying attention to essential elements such as fit, colour, fabric, and personalization allows for a suit that reflects the individual's style. Whether it’s a slim fit navy suit or a vintage tweed, the groom and his groomsmen can exude confidence and style, creating lasting memories of the special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should a Wedding Suit Fit?

A wedding suit should fit well, with the suit jacket and trousers tailored to the groom's measurements. The suit jacket should sit comfortably on the shoulders and the trousers should have a tailored fit without being too tight or too loose.

Can I wear a Black Suit to a Wedding?

Yes, a black suit is a classic and versatile option for a wedding. However, it's important to consider the dress code and wedding theme to ensure that a black suit is appropriate for the occasion.

When Should I Start Shopping for my Wedding Suit?

It's recommended to start shopping for your wedding suit at least a few months in advance. This allows enough time for alterations and ensures that you have plenty of options to choose from before your big day.

Can the Groom Wear a Different Suit than the Groomsmen?

Yes, the groom can wear a different suit than the groomsmen. It's important for the groom to stand out on his special day, and wearing a different suit can create a stylish contrast between the groom and his groomsmen.

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