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Denton Hats

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Story of Denton Hats

Denton Hats, situated in the heart of Denton, Manchester, England, stands as a distinguished purveyor of premium headwear for both men and women. Embodied within their extensive collection are timeless classics like the iconic Bowler Hats and dignified Churchill Homburgs, alongside elegant Formal Occasion Top Hats and intricately crafted Fascinators.

Yet, their repertoire extends far beyond mere tradition, embracing contemporary tastes with casual 8-Piece Caps and rugged Deerstalkers. Rooted in a legacy spanning over three centuries, the art of hat-making in Denton, England, carries a rich heritage.

With almost four decades of expertise under its belt, Denton Hats remains steadfast in its commitment to honouring this heritage while catering to the discerning tastes of both loyal patrons and new clientele.

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How to Order

Each hat within our collection is accompanied by its own detailed description.

If you find a hat that piques your interest, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We would be delighted to discuss your order and facilitate payment.

Your chosen hat will then be promptly delivered to you within 14 days.

Simply click on the link below each picture to be directed to the corresponding item page, where you'll find comprehensive information regarding sizes, colours, and prices.

Select your preferred item, specify the desired size and colour, and complete your purchase securely.

Rest assured, your order will be processed efficiently, and your eagerly awaited hat will be on its way to you within the specified timeframe.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your chosen product.



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